Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Change of Scenery

Today I took Meadow to Starbucks with me so I could do some writing. She brought along some school stuff and we ordered our drinks.
I have mixed feelings about this:

  • Meadow and I got to hang out just the 2 of us.
  • Switching up the location made school a bit more exciting.
  • Green Tea Lemonade (for me) and Hot Chocolate (For M)
Not so Happy:
  • The lady at the table behind us who had three (count em 1.2.3) very loud conversations on her cell phone... 
So what are your tips for school out and about?  What locations have you tried?  How do you deal with other people's noise?


1 comment:

John Bowers said...

Yes it would be nice if you could just say to people that its ok you do not have to yell into a cell phone

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