Wednesday, October 29, 2014

3 Ways to Shake Up Your School Day

We all get into ruts don't you think?  It happens when your groove gets a little too deep and instead of rocking this homeschool thing... you end up enduring it.

 Here are 3 things I've done recently to shake up our school days:

1. Change Locations

Grab a sketch pad or even your math books and get out of the house.  On Monday we headed out to The Art We Are... a local coffee shop with the most interesting arts and crafts for sale.  I took the time to do some writing exercises with a friend and my big kids did some sketching, browsed the shop and snacked on a vegan gluten free brownie.  *note: I would not recommend preschool at the local artsy cafe... just sayin'

2. Dreambox

The Scott kids are seriously gaga over Dreambox.  It's a math adventure game that is a great way to break up the monotony of workbooks.  *note: I have no affiliation with Dreambox  just sharing what works for us.

3. Play

The same writing friend that I met up with on Monday introduced me to Story Cubes.  I had so much fun playing it I left the coffee shop and headed to the toy store to buy it.  My kids don't exactly love to write, but I am hoping that having fun telling a story will be a step in the direction of writing one.  Plus I am going to enjoy the possibility that this game is forging new creative pathways in their heads (how's that for sounding like I know what I'm talking about?).

How about you?  Leave me a comment with your favorite way to shake up a school day and chase away boredom.

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