Monday, November 10, 2014

The Great Weather Unit... Part 5

The Experiment That Stole My Lightning...

What do you do when the science experiment you have planned... doesn't go as planned?  When you just can't get the spark or the shock that you anticipated .

You have your kid rub the balloon faster...
Then you switch kid heads...
Then you round up everything in the house that just might give a charge if you rub it.
And when nothing works you may yell frustrated gibberish into the toilet.
(Lucky for you folks there is no picture of that!)

Then in a flash (pun intended) of brilliance you will explain the inner workings of a lighter.  Comparing flint and steel to water and ice droplets that create friction and electricity in a cloud.  
Then haul your children back into the dark bathroom to flick the Bic.

And your teacher gives you an A for effort! 

Science is saved today at Scott School!

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