Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm Boggled!

I recently made another thrift store trek, and found more super school stuff! My favorite find of the day is Boggle Jr.
 Oh ya!  Check out that price tag!
Ok so why do I love this game?  There are like 3 different ways to play it listed in the instructions.  That means more advanced learning!  That means we will hopefully ward off boredom and get plenty of use from Boggle.  Plus I bet if I Google "ways to play Boggle Jr.  Some amazing creative blogger out there will have even more ideas for playing.

For our first exposure Hudson just matched up the letters under the words and then told me what the word is. I am totally excited to play with a timer as Hudson's reading and spelling skills improve.
  What are some of your favorite games for your kids?


Lori Zimbardi said...

I forgot about boggle jr. while my 5 1/2 yo was learning to read. I wonder if she is too old for it now that she can read pretty well.

Tracey said...

What a great way to work on his reading and spelling skills - and at a super price! ;)

Anonymous said...

Boggle jr. Is a great way to practice early spelling! A tip I learned this summer was to not "teach by testing" ie using flash cards, but rather to give them the answer like the cards in Boggle Jr does. Of course, when you want to give them a test, you can use the little cover thing to do so.

I'm helping my 5 yo brother learn to read, and have found the best thing to do is just read to him! When we started "teaching" him, we found he knew more than we thought, just by being read to and looking through books all the time.

By the way, I found you on twitter when looking for fellow zibbet users. What a plus to find that you're a Christian and Homeschool too!! I don't have my own children yet, but I help my four younger siblings with their school, plus was home schooled myself all the way through.

Jordan Elizabeth

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