Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tot School with Meadow

I just love the pictures of Meadow this week. I got some really cute shots.

Activity #1
Another Box

Not only a fun toy for Meadow to play with but an excellent way for me to keep her contained for a little while:)

Activity #2
Playing with yarn scraps

Why do you always gotta be takin' my picture mommy?

Activity #3
Playing with sparkly pom poms.

This was a great lesson in self control for Meadow.  She was not allowed to put these in her mouth.  She licked them a couple of times and brought them close to her face but did not actually shove them in her mouth.

Activity #4
Finger painting

Wouldn't you know it my batteries were dead for this activity. So let me paint a word picture for you.

*Pumpkin shaped white paper on Meadow's highchair tray.
* Orange paint.
*Baby in her diaper.
*Bath afterward.

Activity #5
Playing with pumpkin guts.

Her brother did not like the guts at all.

For more Tot School fun head on over to 1+1+1=1.


Angela said...

looks like fun! We played with pumpkin gut with Wiggle Worm (9 months) He ate it. LOL

Susana said...

Bless her heart! She did some cute things this week. Love the pumpkin guts picture and the box:-).

You are one fun mama!!

Jackie said...

I love the activities and pictures! Meadow looks like she had fun. I think it is great she had such self-control with the pom poms. :-)

Virginia Lee said...

What a fun mom you are. Pumpkin guts and finger painting.

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