Friday, October 30, 2009

What My Child is Reading!

The 3 Bears and Goldilocks by Margaret Willey

This book is a bit of a twisted take on the traditional story. It was good but The Wolf Who Cried Boy by Bob Hartman was a much better farce on a fable.

The Aunts Come Marching By Bill Richardson.

Once again an imaginative perspective on something traditional.  The hilarious array of Aunts and their humorous marching band talents force "Pop" right out of his house :)

The Cat In The Hat by Dr. Suess

A lovely untampered with classic.  Although I must admit I wonder what kind of Mother leaves her two small children with a fish to babysit them for the day?

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maryanne said...

I had the same reaction to "The Cat In The Hat" - written in a different era, I guess...

whisperingwhispers said...

Some interesting books there. I will have to check into them. We have The Cat in A Hat, I guess I never thought much about the mom leaving her kids with a cat, I always thought the cat came to visit after mom was gone, or that is how the cartoon went. HMMMM! We haven't really read The Cat in A Hat as Selena isn't much into Dr Seuss except for his ABC book. Now you have curiousity up!

vanessa said...

The Aunts book made us laugh too! I'm interested in checking out the Three Bears book--the illustrations look lovely.

Christy said...

We just did a day of Goldilocks books, but we haven't read this one. I'll check it out. We did enjoy Goldilocks and the three Martians by Stu Smith. It's a fun read.

SANDRA said...

I think we would enjoy reading the "Aunts come Marching in." It sounds like a fun book to read.

We have read "Cat in the Hat" and it is a classic favorite in our home.

Raising a Happy Child said...

LOL on Cat in the Hat. My daughter kept saying, No, the cat is naughty! when we read that book for the first time, and she is still not warmed up to the book. I love different takes on Goldilocks, I'll look for this one.

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