Friday, November 6, 2009

What My Child is Reading!

This week we tried something unusual. We got a book from the library that is not a storybook... and Hudson loved it.
Volcanoes on Earth by Bobbie Kalman

At first i thought we would just lokk at all of the neat pictures of exploding volcanoes and that would b entertaining, then we would take the book back to the library and froget about it until some day in the future when we do a unit study on volcanoes...
That so did not happen.  Hudson was interested in learning about the Earth's core and what magma is.  He now spouts out words like erupt and lava.  Volcanoes are now a very exciting thing in our home.

I promise we did get a story book as well.

Ruggles ByRuth Brown

A quite cute book about a rather naughty dog who gets out of the yard (much to his owners dismay and frustration) and goes about his daily doggy life.

A favorite in our own collection is A Cheese and Tomato Spider By Nick Sharratt.

This is a flip book that allows you to create all sorts of hilarious situations such as... well... a cheese and tomato spider.  Hudson has a blast giggling over the wird pictures he can make by mixing up the tops and bottoms.

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whisperingwhispers said...

So you all had fun with the book about Volcanoes. Do a Google Search on Mt St.Hellens in Washington State, about the year 1980. This Volcano is about 80 miles from us.

Susana said...

Yep, Joe loves the non-fiction books too. Sometimes he enjoys those even more!

We like Ruggles too!

Katy said...

Oh, fun reads this week! :) I think my kids would love A Cheese and Tomato Spider! LOL

Z-Kids said...

cheese and tomato spider... Awesome!

Raising a Happy Child said...

Thanks for linking to me! It looks like boys and girls are kind of different. Anna only likes non-fiction books if they are combined with sort of cartoonish illustrations. She doesn't like photographic non-fiction books. Cheese and Spider sounds interesting. I have to see if the library has it.

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