Thursday, March 4, 2010

Creation Unit Study Day 3

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Day 3 of creation God made the dry land and the plants.

Activity #1(math)
 More or Less Seed Counting.

  • large seeds (we used sunflower)
  • number flash cards
  • a small object (we used a binder clip)
Place two different number flash cards on the table.  Have your child count the corresponding number of seeds on to each card.  Then ask your child to place the small object next to the card that has more (or less if you want to switch it up).

Activity #2 (art)

Smelly Flowers

white cupcake liners
cosmetic cotton pads (or balls)
green pipcleaners
perfume (optional)

Step 1: Color the cupcake liners with markers.

Step 2 (optional)
Color the cotton with markers
Step 3
(parent help may be necessary) Poke a pipe cleaner through the center of the cupcake liner.  Then bend it and poke it back through the other way.  Twist the poked through end around the longer part of the pipe cleaner.
Step 4 (Optional)
Spray each cotton pad with perfume then glue it to the center of the cupcake liner.

Step Five (totally not optional)
Sniff and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Love the seed counting and the flowers turned out super cute!

Jackie said...

I have really been enjoying all of your creation ideas. Cute flowers.

Helen said...

You have some great ideas for this unit. Thanks for sharing them. I know my little girl will love to do these activities. One of the things I did with my older children when we were talking about creation was make collages for each day. They are still up on our wall. This is the link if you want to have a look..
have a great week

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Indeed they are great ideas, I stole some of then to my own benefit. Thanks for sharing.

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