Monday, March 15, 2010

Creation Unit Study Day 6

We are at the end out our creation unit study. I have really loved this study and all of the fun activities that Hudson and I have done together. If you missed the rest of our creation lessons be sure to go back and read them.
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Day 6 God Created Animals and Man

Activity #1 (language, prewriting)
Hudson completed this worksheet from DLTK.

Activity #2 (Art)
Hudson made a people collage using magazine cut outs.
He later explained to me who each person was and what made them special. 

Activity #3 (science?)
Play doh is science right?
I bought these really fun play doh animal stamps at a thrift store.
So Hudson rolled out the dough...
and stamped some animals.
Cute eh?

I hope you have enjoyed our Creation Unit Study.  Our next theme is still pending but hopefully will be decided shortly.


Khourt said...

Excellent ideas in your posts. I love the playdoh idea.. I dont know why I never thought of that (besides the mess factor with my children haha).

Jackie said...

Sarah, I have really enjoyed this unit and your Noah's ark unit. Great job! I like Hudson's collage and his cheesy grin. :-)

Anonymous said...

those vintage cookie cutters are soo cute :)

love your playdoh it looks so soft :)

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