Friday, February 18, 2011

Natural Learning

Homeschooling naturally is natural. Do not work to hard on making it artificially schoolish.~Dr. Ruth Beechick

Natural learning to me does not mean getting into nature (sure that might be a small sliver of it but I'm not outdoorsy enough to make it the bulk of my teaching.)

I do have a great example of a natural learning episode that happened last night. We have about a 30 minute drive home from town... often I fill that time singing worship songs with my children. (The radio in my car is toast).  Last night however Meadow said "Mommy tell me a bible story."
So I said "Which one?"
"Samuel" was the reply from both munchkins in the back seat.

I started off with the story of Hannah and carried on until I got to the part about Samuel hearing a voice calling him and thinking it was Eli.  Then Eli told Samuel "Go to bed and say I'm listening God."
Then God gave Samuel a message for Eli.

"What was the message Mommy?"
"Uhhh ummm hmmm well.... I really don't know."

That question urged us to grab not just one but 3 bibles as we came in the door and search for the answer.  Our natural curiosity spurred us on to seek out the answer.

What was the message God gave Samuel you ask?  If I told you then you would miss the pleasure of discovering it on your own :)

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Jennifer said...

I love teachable moments that pop up out of nowhere like that! I especially like it when they drive us to the Word. Thanks for sharing your story!


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