Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Great Weather Study Part 1

Build a Barometer

The Scott kiddos are kicking off science with a study on Weather!!!  
Project 1: Build a Barometer.
We used an instructional video from Howcast called How to Make a Weather Barometer.
  • a Jones Soda bottle (my fav is the cream soda)
  • water color paint (we were out of food coloring)
  • a glass jar 
  • and a rubber bad

How it works: 
Well in Hudson's words:It the water is higher than the rubber band it means it will be sunny. And if it is below the rubber band it means rain.

We are keeping track of the barometer predictions and the actual weather this week.

What fun projects are you up to?

photo credit: ViaMoi via photopin cc

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